facts about indonesian tea are beneficial to health and beauty

Fact Tea Indonesia, Benefits and Properties For Natural Medicine And Beauty Treatment

Tea is a common thing in Indonesia, this drink is always there in every house, every family must present this healthy drink, tea has been entrusted, one of the most easily seen example if you eat at a roadside stall, you will be asked to drink warm tea or cold tea, especially in the Java area, both served into sweet tea with a mixture of sugar or bitter tea, all of which free,  if not free is very cheap about 2000 rupiah, so if you pay with a dollar you will get approximately 5 -6 cups of tea, and you need not be surprised, explanation I will review in this article completely to complete.

Introduction of tea has occurred since a long time, since the colonial era of the Dutch colonial era. Another introduction of tea to foreign countries occurs when traders from arab and china come to the homeland, since then also people from outside Indonesia know various types of tea. Tea is one of the most valuable commodity materials, and has an exchange rate, because it was still using a barter system, then came merchants from arab, china which aim trade, and there was exchange of goods, the Indonesian kingdom barter spices, tea and commodity goods which is in Indonesia with typical arab mat, china typical urn, and other items. 

Then other countries that introduce this tea is the Portuguese nation, followed by the Dutch, even the English country also had enlivened the circulation of fragrant tea from Indonesia, the completeness of tea, the distinctive taste, the fragrant aroma, and khasiatnya already known to all corners of the world, make Indonesia colonized for some time, in addition to the richness of its spices, Indonesia is very rich in the variety of tea plants, almost all types of tea is in this fertile soil. No wonder the country in Southeast Asia has become one of the largest exporting tea in the world.

Why tea is so cheap in Indonesia? The answer is that in almost every corner and on every island you will encounter another green hill of tea plantation, and tea factory factory managed by government and individual. The cool climate, the fertile soil, the vast mountains become one of the factors supporting the success of Indonesian tea imports abroad. Each area has a different name and type, one example of mountain tea haze ... This tea thrives in tea plantations halimun tea in sukabumi - west Java, there is also a cikuray tea that grows in the mountains of tea tea near the mountain cikuray arrowroot, other tea plantations there are areas of bandung, in ciamis area panjalu, cianjur area, ciater, cicagak, cipasung, wood aro-jambi, not to mention the middle Java and East Java, and other islands island.

For this type of tea planted is very diverse, ranging from green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, red tea, teak leaf tea, soursop leaf tea, flower tea shoes, rosela tea, ashitaba tea, rose bud tea, tea coffee leaves and others, the following types and benefits of tea in Indonesia:

Original Green Tea Indonesia
Now that green tea is at the top of the search, people are looking for properties and green tea content to overcome their health problems, after much research on the benefits of detoxification, to care and beauty care with this green herbal tea. Green tea is one of the most sought-after favorite drinks on the internet, here are the facts and benefits of green tea  :

  • to lose weight is very suitable healthy diet is highly recommended
  • to detox the toxins in the body
  • prevent alzeimer
  • prevent Parkinson's
  • rich in antioxidants, useful for the control of free radicals
  • has a distinctive color and arena
  • maintain skin health
  • to overcome acne
  • reduce heart disease
  • prevent cholesterol
  • avoiding the risk of hair loss
  • improve the performance of brain ability
  • prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • get rid of headaches
Benefits of green tea and fact tetangnya for health and beauty, for processing this tea is very simple now a lot of green tea products sold in the market whether it is a powdered tea that has not been packaged, or some are already packed and labeled as green tea heads djenggot, green tea bottle cap and others are in if the tea is also very much dyed, with affordable and diverse prices.

Diet or lose weight naturally with green tea is effective able to burn 40 calories in each consumption of 250 ml of tea, but if you routinely in consuming green tea thats will be very helpful. To overcome acne with green tea how to do ??? use green tea for face mask, use regularly and periodically, it will make acne go and skin smooth and toned face. Consumption of green tea regularly every morning better, it will help the detoxification process of toxins in the body naturally.

Benefits of jasmine tea for health

Jasmine tea, of course you are well acquainted with this one herbal drink, a delicious flavor typical of fragrant jasmine flower, because it is made directly from the blend of jasmine and green tea, what about the benefits for health? of course very efficacious, the benefits of green tea has been discussed earlier, while the benefits of the most famous jasmine is the best anti-depressant, therefore after drinking this tea you will feel the freshness of mind, heart and of course make you healthy because it can keep you from stress .

Another benefit of jasmine tea is able to stimulate sexual arousal, because it contains aphrodisiac substances whose benefits lead to that direction. this complete benefit of jasmine tea:

- Maintain cardiovascular health and blood vessel health

from the results of research conducted in the United States, this tea has properties that can help lower cholesterol levels, and increase HDL cholesterol, therefore the content of polyphenols in green tea, in protect body caused by cell damage and free radicals, in addition to the benefits of antioxidants in this herbal tea plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

- Increase consentration
- increase alertness
- prevent cancer
- able to improve the metabolic system

able to overcome drowsiness, it is perfect if you will drive, because green tea which is a mixture including a stimulant. therefore you should first consult if you have health problems that can be active with stimulants.

then how much you can consume jasmine tea in a day ??

dosing rules and the amount you are allowed to consume jasmine tea in recommended daily is 2 - 3 glasses per day, that is for adults, this dose is highly recommended because there are 240-320 mg of polyphenols in 3 glasses of green tea or jasmine tea.

What is white tea ??
What are the health benefits of white tea?
why is the price of white tea so expensive?

White tea is one type of limited edition tea is none other than the type of tea with the most expensive price in Indonesia, Why the price is quite expensive ?? it is caused by a long manufacturing process is different from other teas such as green tea or black tea, besides that makes the price is the quality and benefits of white tea for beauty and health is very complete, following the benefits of complete white tea  :

  • very effective weight loss, therefore white tea is an herbal drink that is suitable to do a healthy diet and recommended
  • very nutritious for healthy skin, drinking white tea regularly every day or every week will make your skin stay healthy and well groomed, white tea is highly recommended in the world of herbal health. Contains antioxidants and has properties that can help improve skin rapidly, other benefits of this limited tea can protect the skin from the adverse effects of ultraviolet light.
  • able to prevent cancer risk, reported by the journal Cancer Prevention Research, white tea is more effective in mengahancurkan cancer-causing cells than green tea, because white tea also has a very effective properties to destroy cancer-causing cells
  • maintain bone health
  • White tea also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • white tea for heart health
  • able to increase energy
  • the efficacy of white tea to maintain healthy digestive organs
  • as a natural detox drink that is very efficacious and efficacious
The long and tiring process that passable farmers to get the best tea that can overcome various diseases starting from the process of picking the tea leaves, which makes it different is the process of picking when the weather is fitting, meaning not after rain and only taken from the top of the best tea leaves, one of the best white tea producers in West Java, because the cool climate and refreshing temperature make the fertile tea plantation pasundan. The next process is drying, white tea is dried directly under the sun and usually takes days depending on temperature and weather, according to the head of the tea booth promotion section of Indonesia, Ratna Somantri white tea is the result of tea plant silver tips and white peony made from one shoots and two leaves underneath, different process and workmanship that makes the price soar high in the market, not to mention keeping tea not oxidized, the other is to keep the quality of white tea leaves to keep buds, even after so, one thing again you should know is the highest content of antioxidants compared with other teas.

The origin of white tea itself originally from the country of bamboo curtain aka China, this type of tea has existed since five thousand years ago since the time of emperor shen nung, according to a story I get from various sources that I read, white tea found by accident, when the emperor sanga travels and thirst, then the white tea leaves fly and falls into the pot of water, a short story he drank the water from the pot and found a unique flavor, sanga emperor also ordered the bottom to find out what leaves into the drinking water, and it is known that it is white tea leaves, since then white tea began to be widely consumed and known by the public, until this information comes to us as a reader at home.

Benefits of Black Tea And Its Content

It's no secret, besides kenya, Indonesia is one of the best black tea producers in the world, distinctive aroma, viscosity, very clear and recognizable color and amazing benefits in the world of herbal medicine to make black tea become one of the most sought after primadona in this world. Here are the complete benefits of black tea in the world of herbs are widely known among the community :

  • lower cholesterol risk
  • overcome asthma
  • maintain oral health
  • improve health and heart function
  • improve and maintain bone health
  • prevent the dangerous diseases of diabetes
  • lower the risk of kidney stones
  • drink to cope with stress
efficacy of black tea herbal drink, then why black tea is highly recommended ?? it is because the content is in it, black tea type has a lower content than coffee, in addition to herbal tea is widely used as this drug has a relaxation effect so powerful to overcome stress due to work load, then is the content of antioxidants and phytonutrients in charge to clean bacteria and toxins in the body. What about the taste and aroma of black tea ??? Black tea has a very distinctive scent, the taste is also very unique, different from the type of green tea or red tea.

cleaning bacteria, because it is widely used for natural detoxification
You often see this tea variant, it is known that black tea is derived from camellia sinesis plant, the process of making black tea is not much different from the type of green tea or red tea, which starts from the process of picking, drying and steaming almost the same, the color black on tea this is produced because of the oxidation process, and will be allowed to be brown to black, so we know it by the name or the term black tea.

Red Tea (Rosella Tea)

Red color produced without dye which means red tea from rosella material is very natural, certainly has a myriad of properties that have been knows and not only famous in Indonesia, but to foreign countries. By consuming red tea makes the body always fit, always looks young, and certainly have medicinal properties, the following benefits of red tea for health  :
  • digestion, including a bowel movement
  • helps detoxify toxins in the body naturally
  • contains a lot of vitamin C content
  • blood circulation
  • overcome migraine
  • nourish the eyes
  • relieve cough
  • normalize high blood pressure
  • smooth the skin
  • balancing weight, very effective for diet
  • to Overcome Cholesterol Problems
  • overcome hypertension
  • treat kidney stone disease
  • effective for ulcer treatment
  • seizure holder
  • relieve chronic cough
  • helps reduce the viscosity or blood viscosity
Red tea comes from rosella, red tea is very special because this tea is able to ward off free radicals, besides red tea is effective in lowering high cholesterol, hipertension, prevent the growth of cancer cells, osteoporosis and various other health problems that I mentioned earlier. What about the price of red tea on the market? For the price is very relative and affordable, you can order red tea products in various online stores, now many are selling this product, both in the form of extracts, powder and also still shaped powdered tea.

Tea Coffee Leaves

One of Indonesia's richness is also widely known to the world community is coffee, proven coffee the best coffee produced in Indonesia, one example is coffee mongoose, coffee plantations just like tea garden almost can be found in every archipelago, and each region has its own specialty coffee, respectively.

Coffee is also one of the legacy left by the ancestors, coffee plantations that have existed since hundreds of years ago, most of the best coffee garden is managed by state-owned or state-owned companies. back to reviews,  tea leaves coffee is a legendary beverage from Indonesia, its benefits for health no doubt, coffee coffee famous from indonesia such as gayo coffee from aceh, coffee kerinci, coffee sidakalang and others, coffee coffee is very famous to foreign countries , there is also a very distinctive lampung coffee with a bitter taste, while coffee wamena and papua coffee is known with a sense of sourness. Processed tea leaf coffee is the most typical is in the area of west sumatra in Payakumbuh not far from the famous road nine, curving road twists with stunning scenery.

Tea made from coffee leaves is very loaded with efficacy that works for herbal treatment, here's a complete explanation of the benefits of tea coffee leaves  :
  • Coffee leaf tea is very effective to treat diabetes 
Diseases that many in the natural by people who really like sweet foods and sweet drinks, this disease can raise the blood sugar levels of a person in his body. Do not worry about this problem, the natural treatment of diabetes can be done regularly consume tea leaves coffee, because this herbal tea can reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus.
  • Treating ulcer disease
one more astonishing, coffee leaf tea is able to relieve pain due to ulcer disease. eat regularly, due to bad habits and lifestyle, especially the diet of ulcer disease originated.
  • launching the respiratory tract
  • increase energy
  • anti-inflammatory
  • rich in antioxidants
  • can reduce the risk of cholesterol
  • less caffeine
  • prevent cancer
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • prevent heart disease
How to taste tea coffee leaves ??

Actually the taste is very difficult to explain, because the taste is relative, but from all those who have been drinking this tea say it feels very grounded which means no bitter tea and not as strong as coffee, as it is roughly, most people just focus on coffee alone, but who would have thought the leaves more efficacious, reported daily, coffee leaves can reduce the risk of heart disease and overcome diabetes.

Dr Aron Davies, a botanist reported that seven coffee species contain mangiferin, a substance believed to reduce cholesterol, protect the brain's nerves, and lower the risk of diabetes. Coffee leaves also have high levels of antioxidants that can prevent heart disease and cancer

Next, Dr. Aron Davies, states that 7 species of coffee contain mangiferin, of course the benefits for cholesterol treatment, reduce the risk of diabetes and as a protective nerve brain, other properties are as a protector of cancer and heart disease prevention

his other research on coffee leaves was a scientist at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew along with scientists from Montpellier, France. They claimed that coffee leaf tea contains many antioxidants and less caffeine, the other advantages of herbal drink coffee leaves are as anti-inflammatory.

You want to feel the Kawa tea, or tea leaves coffee that is made directly traditionals ?? come to Indonesia, precisely the area of west sumatra, just ask there tea famous coffee leaves, and they will show the way to get there.

Teak Leaf Tea
The next type of tea is a tea that crowded some time ago, tea is widely used for the diet because it contains anthranoids, reduce cholesterol and clean up dirty blood. People usually only use teak leaves as food packs, but behind the traditional function there is a big secret, which is now widely known by almost some people. teak tree has the Latin name ectona grandis, found in many south east and south asia area, besides indonesia there also in malaysia, india, myanmar and neighboring country

This tree is famous for its very sturdy wood, durable and able to survive until tens or even hundreds of years, therefore also home furniture made from genuine teak wood has a very high price, main benefit of this herbal tea is to improve the body's metabolic system, which is why this healthy drink is very effective as a natural slimming very fast in losing weight and overcome the fat in the body

Contains antioxidants that can help prevent diabetes, unfortunately until now there has been no clinical research of the benefits of teak leaves. Some people who do drink teak drink tradition claim to be fluent bowel movement and decrease appetite.

other indonesian traditional tea is  :
hibiscus tea >> click here for reviews
rose bud tea or rose tea
soursop leaf tea
Moringa leaf tea
tea leaves breadfruit
lemongrass tea
yellow tea

Yellow Tea

Yups ,, yellow tea is also one of the special edition tea which means can not arbitrarily easily find this tea in the market, the price is also pretty good. For the problem of quality yellow tea no doubt, different processing makes this tea is also different, that is the slower drying process.

Olive Leaf Tea

Olive olive or olive leaf tea has many benefits for health, contains the efficacious anti-bacterial properties against viral infections, the use of olive leaf tea to cope with stress and depression is also very effective, why? because the nature of this tea helps calm the mind and prosper the body.

In addition to many sold with packets of sachets, you can also make your own olive herbal tea, provide some olive leaves, then boiled with 2 glasses of water, let it into 1 cup (200cc) the next process is the addition of honey to add a distinctive flavor in olive tea.

Consume for 15 consecutive days on a regular basis, this is the benefits of olive tea  :
  • - has anti-inflammatory properties
  • - useful for lowering cholesterol levels
  • - inhibition and prevention of cancer
  • - efficacious for bone growth
  • - has an excellent antioxidant effect
  • - are antiviral and anti-bacterial
  • - helps maintain weight and lose weight
  • - effectively lowers blood pressure
  • - treatment of cold
  • - strengthens the immune system
  • - prevent osteoporosis
  • - first aid of sinusitis, pneumonia, and sore throat.
In olive leaf contains oleuropein content is able to relax the blood vessels, lower blood pressure and even prevent the formation of blood clots. In addition, olive leaves also help to stop irregular heartbeats, increase blood flow in the coronary arteries and balance blood sugar levels.

In olives there is a very unique feature that makes the leaves very effective in combating various micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses, these compounds act only against micro-organisms, actually achieving what antibiotics can not achieve - targeted attacks from problems instead of attacking microorganisms along with the body. These substances damage the ability of viruses to make amino acids, thus preventing their ability to reproduce and multiply.

Substance that is on the olive leaf also plays an important role in neutralizing the action of free radicals, and there are many other benefits of olive leaf tea that we will review on another occasion.

Soursop Tea for Natural Health Treatment

Benefits of soursop leaf tea would have been global, processed soursop leaves are very complete, from the powder, capsules, soursop leaf extract, in the form of tea bags, in the form of syrup and others, why ?? certainly because the efficacy and its usefulness in treating various diseases and health problems is very effective.

How to choose excellent leaves to be made into high quality herbal teas ??
Selection of leaf age determines the quality of decoction of soursop leaf, choose leaves that are not old, but not also young, so the leaves that are between the two, From the selection will produce the color and aroma of a very distinctive tea, and of course with a very comparable quality to the processing.

Processing of soursop leaves before becoming a high-efficacious herbal tea, after the picking process, then wash the soursop leaves, then boil 5-10 sheets of soursop leaves with 6 glasses of water, let it boil and water to half, (3 cups), drink 3 times in a day.

Why soursop leaf tea is so useful to overcome various disease problems in the body ??
Questions like this are common, but the answer will make the soursop leaves very unusual, this is the cause of soursop leaves have a lot of benefits.

Want to know?? all because of the soursop leaves have a very complete content, therefore soursop leaves can prevent health problems that are even very feared, namely as cancer prevention, the complete content of soursop leaf tea  :
  • Coreximine
  • Annohexocina
  • Lipid
  • Annomuricina A, B, C and E
  • Atherospermine
  • Annomutacina
  • Anoniine
  • Annopentocinas A, B and C
  • CLA
  • lactones
  • Muricoreacina
  • Gigantetronemina
  • Gentisic Acid
  • Murihexocina A and C
  • Lignoceric acid
  • Javoricina
  • Isoquinoline
  • stearic acid
  • Anonaine
a study proves that in soursop leaves contain compounds that have been proven 10,000 times stronger than Adriamycin (chemotherapy drugs) in slowing the growth of cancer cells. Researchers at The National Cancer Institute also found that the leaves of this plant can effectively attack and destroy cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy, these compounds selectively attack and kill cancer cells only, without harming healthy cells. Nevertheless, the drug company is more research on compounds that can be derived from soursop to treat cancer.

soursop leaf is also known as anti diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti hypertension, low sodium and high potassium soursop leaves, this tea consumption will help lower high blood pressure.

Side effects Excessive Tea Consumption  :

each type of tea has different side effects, there are also tea no side effects for health. But the most common of the frequency you drink tea is making yellow teeth (yellowing).

We will review in another opportunity, hopefully this article can add to your insight about the tea, the type, the benefits of herbs produced, and side effects if too much consumption of tea, etc. Thank you for visiting, do not forget to keep our support by clicking on existing ads on the side bar, thats very valuable for the continuity of this blog.

benefits of leaves gynura procumbens (leaves of life)

Full Review (longevity spinach) or Gynura Procumbens/ leaves of life

Gynura procumbens is one of the typical medicinal plants of Indonesia, this herbaceous plants thrive in tropical temperatures, has a green color with the characteristics the shape is exactly like elongated eggs, In the area of origin of this herb is used daunya as a medicinal plant to overcome various health problems, such as for healing and treating various diseases, this plant has 4 content of highly  efficacious compounds to treat various diseases, including:
  • tannins
  • steroids
  • triterpenoid
  • saponins
There are also some others who call this plant with Longevity spinach, just the same and still, it proves that this medicinal plant is multi-benefits and very famous in various parts of the world, it's just the mention his name alone is different.

Leaves of life, herbal plants a thousand benefits are found in many islands of Java (west jawa, east java, central java), Sumatra and the island of Bali, Sundanese call it daun sambung nyawa, while the Javanese call it "sambung nyowo" which means is age enhancer (extend life), there is also a call that roots sebiak. Utilization of gynura plants not only on the leaves alone, the roots, stems, and tubers are also equally efficacious for treatment. 

Has numerous pharmacological studies to examine the content and benefits of leaf life (gynura procumbens leaves), and it's not just in Indonesia alone, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia also participate in researching this herb plant, from the results of these studies yield the certainty that this plant has tremendous benefits in overcoming various diseases, such as  :
  • treat lymphatic pain
  • reduce body heat
  • kidney pain, skin diseases
  • high cholesterol
  • inflammation of the nape
  • diabetes melitus
  • lower blood pressure
  • contains flavonoid compounds
  • antineoplastic
  • to improve liver function
  • cough
  • stroke
  • antimicrobial
  • stomach disorders
  • sinusitis
  • antikarsinogeik
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • cytotoxic to cancer cells
  • inflammation of the vocal cords
  • hypertension
  • heart disease

How to make herbs from gynura procumbens leaves (leaf of life or spinach longevity)

Treat coughs, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure (hypertension), overcome high cholesterol problems, dysentery, kidneys, treat diabetes, natural stroke drugs, stop bleeding, overcome blood vomiting, etc  :

  • First, picking 5-10 pieces of leaves of life (gynura procumbens leaves)
  • clean it, wash it with water until the dust and dust is gone
  • next, boiled with 2 cups water, to be 1 cup water when ripe
  • do not use frying pan made from natural or direct iron, because this leaf is corrosive (use a pan made of clay or covered with marble etc.)
  • minuam herbal ingredients leaves 2x a day of life

To overcome the ulcers in the legs, arms and other body parts, do the following :

picking up multiple leaves of life
then is mashed until smooth, and paste on the body part contained boils

To overcome the itching, insect bites and snake bites, which need to be used is the leaves and tubers of this plant, other additives are turmeric, the way as follows  :
  • peeled turmeric
  • pounded tubers, leaves and turmeric until really soft
  • next, stick it to the part where the insect bites, or the snake bite and the bandage with the cloth
Benefits of herbs "leaf of life for hypertension"

There are some facts revealed from the results of leaf of life, this herbal plant is very effective to normalize blood pressure efficiently and is the best alternative treatment, why? because by consuming leaves of life, either used as vegetables in food, or on the stew will very quickly treat high blood pressure, it is because the content of flavonoids work optimally overcome this disease.

Benefits of longevity spinach plant stems

besides leaves and tubers, it turns gynura procumbens rod is also very useful for treating diseases, including   :

  • healing kidney disease
  • throat infections
  • stop bleeding naturally
  • launching menstrual cycle
  • dysentery
  • decrease the heat of fever

How to make a herb from a longevity spinach plant stem

  1. - provide long-life spin tree trunks
  2. - cut into pieces 2-3 cm
  3. - wash thoroughly
  4. - boiled with 2 cups water (400cc)
  5. - simmer to 200cc (1 cup)
  6. - drink this herb 2x a day on a regular basis until healed

Complete content of gynura procumbens leaves
  • galactoside
  • flavonoid compounds
  • kaempferol
  • sterol unsaturated
  • p-hydroxy benzoic acid
  • neohesperidocide
  • triterpen
  • sterol glycosides
  • polyphenols
  • caffeine acid
  • glucoside
  • polyphenols
  • rhamnosyl
  • kumarc acid 
  • essential oil
  • chlorogenic acid
  • vanilic acid, 
  • quercetin
Why can leaves of life to treat itching, rash, inflammation of the skin and other skin problems, either because of insect animals, or because of bacteria??

The answer is because the content of essential oils and other compounds, it is the content that serves as a natural remedy that effectively overcome the disease and problems on the skin, such as ulcers

Do not be surprised if this herb has a lot of efficasious and benefits, consume the leaves of life 2 times a day, this will help prevent the growth of cancer cells, tumors, lowering cholesterol quickly, normalize blood pressure, overcome inflammation, diabetes, cough and various other health problems mentioned earlier.

how to use it is up to you, whether it is boiled, extracted, made tea, made potions and others, but now you no longer need to bother looking for this herbal medicine, because it is a lot of processed drugs in the form of capsules made from gynura leaves or leaves of life.

The greatness of the life-leaf (gynura leaf) not only here, this leaf has antiangiogenik effect, so this plant has potential as antimetastasis, anti-invasion. 

You need to know

What do you need to know ?? well, you should know the side effects of excessive consumption of leaves of life (gynura procumbens), side effects that you should be aware of  :

  • the main, is not recommended for patients or people with low blood disease, life-leaf contents are very effective in treating high blood pressure (hypertension), but if for people for low blood pressure it would be the opposite, making it worse, because the effectiveness of life-leaf contents are very effective lowering blood pressure.
  • not recommended for pregnant women,
  • there are also some people who experience side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness and sensation of heat in the body. However, these effects generally occur only in early consumption.
How to plant longevity spinach

For those of you who want to have this plant is very easy, the process of penenaman does not require many ways, just need to do stem cuttings, and the next process submitted to nature, you just need to water it.

Advice, you must know  :

Eat longevity spinach regularly, it will keep you healthy and avoid various diseases, the saying says "prevention is better than cure" by periodically drinking a healthy long life spinach concoction is not an obstacle, and no need for expensive medicinal and treatments, as a traditional medicinal plant, gynura or longevity spinach plants have been used since time immemorial, and this treatment is inherited from generation to generation by elders. That's a review of gynura procumbens, its content and its benefits, Thank you for visiting.

next  :  benefits and content of aloe vera to treat facial beauty

benefits and content of aloe vera to treat facial beauty

White, Toned And Always Looks Youthful With A Natural Mask Of Aloe Vera

Herbal plants that have many uses as natural ingredients to treat the face and have the benefits to overcome the health problems are very extraordinary efficacious, that's a brief description of aloe vera. All the benefits of aloe vera assured with various research and clinical trials, as another proof that aloe vera is very efficacious is the rise of beauty products that use aloe vera composition and they claimed to be able to overcome various skin problems, such as to moisturize facial skin, whiten face, (day and night), anti-aging cream, as body lotion, some are made into soap, and various type other.

I guarantee, there will be some questions in your mind....!!
what comes to mind in your mind right now is, "that's right, almost all products for beauty contain aloe vera, and everything is very sold.

why is that?
what is the content of aloe vera?
what is the benefit of the tongue?
why most of the best-selling face care products use aloe vera as the main ingredient?

That's why we will discuss the complete review of aloe vera until to the roots, and we will reveal a great secret about aloe vera that until now only a few people who know it. 

Aloe vera plant has a lot of water content in it, when split, aloe vera plant will be like gel, sticky and its color is transparent, beside there are thorns follow the shape and size of aloe vera. One of the great secrets of aloe vera is its use, it turns out herbs that can grow in this arid climate has been widely used since ancient times, ie since the time of the kingdom.

The secret comes to the surface from various sources, according to the data we received, Aloe vera is used to treat the faces of the king's concubines, and this aims to attract the attention of the king, because they always look beautiful and always look young, the faces of the concubines are always attractive and very beautiful to look at, they have a calm aura, And it turns out that all one of the results of the routine of doing face mask with aloe vera before bed. That's why I'm not surprised, if at this time Aloe vera became the prima donna in the world of beauty.

Why aloe vera can be so efficacious to care for the skin???

Aloe vera can be so beneficial because of the content that is in it, the following contents of the complete ingredients of aloe vera  :
  • amino acid content
  • sodium
  • vitamin B6
  • mineral
  • magnesium
  • substances such as enzymes
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin B1
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • polysaccharides
  • vitamin B12
  • vitamin A
  • copper
  • vitamin B2
  • iron
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • Niacin
  • folic acid
  • chromium
  • copper
  • have antibacterial compounds
  • has an antifungal compound
  • has antiinflammatory compounds
  • and others.
Very complete, and almost all kinds of vitamins that are very good for the skin is in aloe vera, only vitamin D is not planted this, then, what are the benefits of aloe vera content above ? next  :

Benefits of aloe vera for beauty  :

  • - raised acne scars
  • - remove the black stain on the face
  • - natural skin cleanser
  • - nourish the skin from the outside
  • - disguise black spots without aging on the skin
  • - maintain skin elasticity
  • - overcoming fine lines on the face
  • - lifting blackheads around the nose
  • - overcoming the problem of skin wrinkles in the eye area
  • - inhibits signs of premature aging of the facial skin
  • - helps the regeneration of skin cells
  • - smooth the skin
  • - moisturize the face
  • - treat ulcers
  • - natural face bleach
How to care for the face with aloe vera is very easy, follow the tutorial below  :
  1. picking aloe vera on its stem
  2. then wash, clean from dust and dirt
  3. then split the aloe vera
  4. finally, apply evenly the aloe gel on the face
  5. let stand 15 to 30 minutes
  6. if it is enough, clean your face again
- It can be used to overcome various problems on facial skin, such as to overcome acne scars, tighten facial skin, eliminate blackheads naturally, remove black spots, and others
- Note: do at night before bed, with a face mask night, and do it regularly

The reason why should aloe vera  :
  • to maintain the elasticity and firmness of facial skin, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E present in Aloe vera can help re-tighten the texture of facial skin, especially in the eye area
  • remove scars, and deal with acne scars with aloe vera, yups, Zn content, hormones, enzymes, folic acid, Vitamins A, B, C, E and Ca, it is their duty to remove scar stains and treat wounds caused by acne.
  • natural moisturizer " this tasks handed over to the gel contained in aloe vera, the content of salicylates will be very easily absorbed by the skin, therefore all facial moisturizer on the market using aloe vera as the main material, it is because salicylates are very effective and efficient in moisturizing the face naturally.
  • it's no secret, age is not an obstacle to keep looking beautiful and youthful, be diligent to wear a natural mask of aloe vera, it will help to overcome wrinkles, fine lines, help overcome skin dehydration, and maintain natural skin health. Aloe vera contains antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamins C and E which can help improve the natural health of the skin and keep the skin from dehydration.
  • Protects skin from the adverse effects of UV rays, mucopolysaccharide content, Zn, vitamin A, B, C, folic acid, vitamin E, enzyme, hormone, and Ca are compounds that play an active role in the healing of wounds caused by sunburn.
In aloe vera there are two different fluids, one is transparent, there is in aloe vera meat, and the second is a yellowish liquid called exudate, a fluid found in the sap, usually easily visible when you cut out the aloe vera.

benefits  :
- clear liquid contains salicylates and has a role as an antifungal and antibacterial fluid.
- yellowish liquid is exudate and has a yellow color, has aloin content

Other Benefits of aloe vera, in addition to beauty   :
  • heals toothache and gums
  • inhibits cancer growth
  • cure menstrual problems
  • relieve muscle aches
  • lower cholesterol
  • heal hemorrhoid
  • prevents swelling of joints
  • reduce nausea
  • increase blood oxygenation
  • reduce blood sugar levels
  • improve digestion
  • reduce arthritis pain
  • prevent oxidative stress
Reduce blood sugar levels

There was already research conducted to determine the content of aloe vera to overcome diabetes, and the results are very satisfactory, aloe vera content in the test in mice that have diabetes, and the results showed a significant treatment

Benefits of aloe vera to increase blood oxygenation

Some studies, it has been reported that aloe vera helps blood oxygenation, blood oxygenation is beneficial to supply CO2 (carbon dioxide) to vital organs.

The extraordinary benefits of aloe vera to inhibit the growth of cancer cells

Quoted International Immunopharmacology (1995), the content of polysaccharides present in aloe vera gel can destroy cancer tumors effectively. Aloe vera polysaccharides contain several effective macrophages that produce large amounts of nitric oxide, which has antitumor potential. besides the benefits can be used as a natural healer of the efeksamping radiotherapy. In naturopathy, there are countless methods of cancer prevention and aloe-based aloe has proven to be one of the most successful

Improve the functioning of the digestive system

Addition to being an antifungal and anti-bacterial, aloe vera also has unique properties that are adaptogenic, so aloe vera is very useful for digestion, by consuming aloe vera juice will help the effectiveness of the absorption of nutrients to be better and also eliminate harmful elements through fine excretion, thus improving overall health. It cures irritable bowel syndrome and makes constipation, piles, and other gastrointestinal conditions damage your system.

how to make a delicious aloe vera juice  :
  • first take some aloe vera (1-2 sticks)
  • then clean off the dirt
  • the next process is stripping, peeled aloe vera, separate the skin and the meat
  • next, input into blender
  • strain, before the process of serving into a glass
  • to make it more delicious and delicious while in drinking, you can add oranges, honey / sugar or can also use an additional material of mint leaves
  • adjust the dose according to the sweet taste you like
  • Another combination is with avocado, you can create your own aloe vera juice, either with mint leaves, shaved ice, sweet orange and various other fruits that nourish the body
  • note: drinking this herb regularly, it is highly recommended for the prevention of various diseases and cure various problems, such as lowering cholesterol, treating ulcers and others
  • Aloe vera juice is highly recommended, why ?? because the regular consumption of healthy juice will help the detoxification process of toxins in the body and able to overcome various digestive problems, such as peptic ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome

Benefits of aloe vera to overcome stubborn dandruff on the scalp

Dandruff is sometimes very difficult to be told to go,   but with aloe vera shampoo, dandruff is an easy thing to overcome, and nothing, how to overcome dandruff with aloe vera   :

- split aloe vera, and use the gel to be used as a scalp medication
- apply evenly on the scalp, it aims to overcome dandruff
- to remove dandruff of the crust, can be processed on the scalp, it aims for antibacterial, anti-fungal and other nutritious content to overcome dandruff to work optimally and seep into the skin pores.

addition to able to nourish the scalp, this way is also very effective for treating hair, including:
  • - Refine hair
  • - soften hair
  • - Overcoming the forked hair
  • - nourishes hair and scalp
  • - moisturize the hair
  • - etc
Benefits of aloe vera for hair and scalp treatment is not something new, this way already exists, and now much evidenced by the abundance of shampoo sold in the market, and it is made of aloe vera, aloe vera shampoo is claimed to be able to overcome the problem I mentioned earlier.

So the article about the efficacy and content of aloe vera, Thank's

benefits of hibiscus leaves and flowers

Full review of the benefits and content of hibiscus

Hibiscus plants usually grow in tropical climates, have a red floral character, some are pink, and some other types such as yellow hibiscus flowers, and also white, usually hibiscus cultivated for the purpose as an ornamental plant, and usually planted at garden home. this is what you need to know, behind the beautiful flowers, hibiscus plants have a million benefits for health and beauty, leaves and flowers are included into the type of medicinal plants, and commonly used as herbal remedies to overcome various health problems.

No many know that hibiscus or that has a Latin name (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.) has a lot of benefits and uses for medication and beauty treatments, such as hibiscus leaves that can be used to overcome the problem of dandruff crust, flower hibiscus that has at least 11 health benefits, dan for beauty treatment naturally, including  :
  • lower bad cholesterol levels
  • strengthen the immune system
  • to protect liver function
  • hibiscus flower tea as a natural medicine hypertension
  • expedite the digestive system
  • hibiscus flowers to treat acne naturally
  • prevent hair loss
  • calms the nervous system
  • hibiscus flower tea as an energy-boosting drink
  • able to lose weight
  • as an anti-cancer health drink
  • able to treat diabetes
  • to get rid of toxins in the body

How to make hibiscus tea from A to Z  :

  • first, pluck hibiscus flower that will bloom or moderate bloom
  • then wash, clean off the dust and dirt that stick
  • cut into small pieces (2-3 cm in size)
  • the next process is drying, drying the hibiscus flowers that have been cut, usually requires 2-3 days, sometimes 1 day during the hot weather
  • after dry you only need to boil herb herbal tea of hibiscus 
  • If you have leftovers hibiscus tea, store in an airtight container, to protect its quality

How to boil hibiscus flower tea  :

  • bring to a boil or provide hot water
  • brewed hibiscus flower tea on the teapot
  • to add a sweet taste you can add honey or white sugar
  • when pouring on a glass do not forget to filter tea hibiscus flowers
  • jreng jreeng ,,, you can enjoy it
Lowering high blood pressure (hypertension)
From the results of american hearth association studies turned hibiscus tea is able and very effective to overcome hypertension, the content of hibiscus work is optimal to normalize blood pressure. consumption of hibiscus tea regularly 3 cups a day, articles on lowering high blood pressure with hibiscus tea published in november 2008

Hibiscus tea is very effective to lower cholesterol levels

There have been many studies conducted to examine hibiscus plants, and from the results of the study Chung Shan Medical University, one of the leading universities in Taiwan states in the hibiscus contained antioxidants are very useful and has an effective role to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the body

How to overcome dandruff with hibiscus leaves
  • take 7-10 pieces of hibiscus leaves
  • provide containers and water input sufficiently
  • then knead the hibiscus leaves earlier
  • strain and use as shampo, wipe on your hair and massage your scalp, especially on the part of the dandruff crust
  • let stand 10-15 minutes, let the existing content in the hibiscus leaves seep on the scalp and work to treat as well as eliminating dandruff crust
Hibiscus tea, a natural remedy for hair loss

Benefits of regular consumption of hibiscus tea one of them is able to maintain healthy hair, in addition to that way, you can also make herbs to overcome hair loss from flowers and hibiscus leaves, the way is as follows:

picked up a few sheets of flowers and leaves of hibiscus
then boiled, chill and wash your hair with boiled water of hibiscus earlier

Hibiscus as a natural acne remedy

Acne is not harmful to health, it's just disrupting and reducing the level of confidence, therefore we tell a secret to solve this problem.

Hibiscus is one of the most effective ingredients to treat acne, how to make it ??
soak the hibiscus in water for a few hours and then puree into a paste. Mix with honey and apply on acne prone skin. very simple and easy, you just need to make routine use this way, for faster and effective healing process

Hibiscus tea as a natural antidepressant

drinking hibiscus tea will make the mind calm and avoid stress, why? because in this tea contain flavonoids and has a calming nature of nerves, relieve anxiety, and have a relaxing effect

Hibiscus flower tea as an anti aging agent

antioxidant content is not only effective in killing free radicals in the body, but it is very efficient to prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkled skin, which is why hibiscus flowers are widely used as a material to treat facial beauty

Hibiscus tea natural medicine sore throat due to inflammation and cough

Side effects of hibiscus tea consumption

But there are some things you need to consider the side effects of excessive consumption of hibiscus tea, as follows:
  • not recommended for pregnant women
Its emmenagogue effect that can stimulate menstruation or blood flow in the uterus or pelvic area. For those who undergo hormone therapy or taking birth control pills, if you want to consume herbal tea from hibiscus flowers you should do first consultation with health experts
  • - not recommended for people with low blood,
 as you know, hibiscus tea is very effective to overcome high blood pressure, but if the consumption is excessive, especially by people who have a history of low blood disease, it will cause its own problems.
  • some have problems with allergic reactions to hibiscus tea, one of them is red itchy eyes, fever or sinuses.

pandanus benefits to relieve stress

Benefits of fragrant pandanus leaves to release stress

Looking at the pandan leaves that thrives in the yard of the house makes me interested to raise the issue of this multi benefits plant, have a typical green color and has a fragrant scent when boiled, commonly used for natural fragrances in foods and beverages. behind the beautiful look pandanus leaves have amazing benefits, especially to release the stress problem, why? because pandan leaves have a relaxing effect. 

What is fragrant pandan leaves and what are the benefits???

fragrant pandanus has a latin name (Pandanus amaryllifolius) which we will review today, pandanus trees usually grow in a cool place, especially in a humid environment and very much encountered in tropical environments such as in Indonesia and surrounding countries, which is useful from this plant is the leaves, has a characteristic that is easily recognizable fragrant when we squeeze the leaves, and the color is green very refreshing. Pandanus fragrant leaves commonly used by the community as a natural fragrance on cake, natural fragrances food, pandan leaves are also use as natural fragrance on the ice mix.

Behind all that there is a secret hidden from pandan leaves, what is it? Beverages that use the natural scent of pandan leaves are always in demand, Why? because the side effects of pandan leaves is very easy to feel, shortly after drinking pandan leaves, you will feel the mind that is free from stress, body becomes relaxed, nervous go away and it all happens without us knowing.

Another benefit of pandan leaves is as a natural green dye, foods that use the green color of this leaf is very interesting, why? because the resulting color gradiation is very contrast and always impressed natural.

Benefits of pandanus leaves for health  :

Benefits of pandanus fragrant leaves to cope with stress and anxiety, pandan leaves contain tannin substances, the benefits of this compound is to calm the mind and release stress, the complete content of pandan leaves are as follows  :
  • tannins
  • saponins
  • flavonoids
  • alkaloids
  • pigment
How to make natural drinks reduce stress  :
  • provide 4 pieces of pandan leaves
  • do not forget to wash and dispose of dust, dirt that stick
  • boiled pandanus leaf with 2 cups water (400cc)
  • let it boil and reduce its dose to 1 cup (200cc)
  • cool, then strain and drink at once.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day until the feeling of calm.
Drinking potion pandan leaves herbs regularly, this will improve the quality of your sleep, and of course pandanus leaf tea will make you avoid the problem of insomnia, the use of pandan leaves as a natural sedative began to be widely discussed in various forums and health blogs.

Whether there are other prescriptions to deal with stress, insomnia, anxiety, worry and similar problems with pandanus leaf??
The answer!!! of course there is, and that is very effective
What is that?
How to?

first, provide 4 pieces of fragrant pandan leaves
then brewed with hot water
input into the glass
grab the potion and look for the empty room
sit cross-legged, then put the pandan leaves stew right in front of you
close your eyes, and meditate
- Inhale and exhale long
- try to concentrate fully
- focus your mind, try to calm down and relax
- do before and after activities, both morning and night

Fragrant scent of pandan leaves brings a relaxing effect will calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and help release the stress naturally.

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